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Wow, another five star review for Wolf's Salvation! "Well, these two authors have done it again...Ryden will do anything to keep his mate Carlee safe and lead his pack. Trouble still follows them, the danger is very close to home for Carlee. JT has found his mate but she may not want him. Lou was so not looking for a relationship so finding her Mate sure was not on her list of things to do, They all have a rollercoaster ride to finding out who is after them and when they do how will Carlee handle the info and can she find her brother in time to save him. I love shapeshifter books and this one is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the story."

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Wow!  What an amazing review for Wolf's Salvation by Literary Addicts by Eva Millen.

"This fast paced and smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of action, suspense and romance. The authors bring the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination while the well orchestrated suspense and action draw the reader deeper into the story. The characters are strong, compelling and along with the fascinating world grab the reader’s attention and ensure the reader can’t put the book down."

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How about a first chapter reveal!
After spending the last few days listening to Ryden and Carlee's moans and groans from the guest room, JT was ready for both of them to leave and give back his peaceful home. Just the thought of what they were doing had him out the door and running in his wolf form just to get away. Acute wolf hearing made it next to impossible to be within two hundred yards of the house without hearing the sound effects of sex reverberating through the woods.
Keeping a constant hard-on made it even worse, thanks to the two rabbits going at it in his house. He went to bed with a boner, got up with one, and couldn't even seem to find relief in the shower with the soap and his hand. In spite of Lou's constant gripes, her sarcastic remarks and general bitchiness, she was attractive and he had wanted to pin her against the wall and fuck her until she couldn't walk or talk with that sassy, smart mouth. Keeping her around for even those few hours kept him on edge. Killing something was preferable to feeling the way he had during that short time with her.
When JT had taken Lou back into town, neither spoke a word for a long time. She had reached for the radio to change the channel, and for once, all it took was a look for her to retreat. The rest of the trip, she sat on her side of the car, hands clenched, and eyes forward, while he did the same, keeping his eyes on the road. When they hit the city limits of DC, he finally broke the silence.
"Where d’you want me to take ya?”
She turned and looked at him, anger flashing in her eyes. “Well, since I have no money, no car, and”—she lifted her shirt and gave it a sniff—“I smell like dog after being at your place, home would be nice. A hot shower and maybe some bleach will get rid of the smell; hell, I'll probably need a flea bath.” JT gritted his teeth, expecting them to break from the pressure.
“Address?” The word came out more like a growl.
"Tell me something. This growlin thing ya got going you have to growl every word you say or is it possible for normal human convo?” He could sense the rolling eyes without even looking, and her exasperated huff said it all. “Well damn, so, you don’t really know everything. 783 Hawthorne Road. I think you can manage, maybe.”
He clenched the steering wheel and felt it give under the pressure, the plastic popping a bit. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down before he did something stupid. What that would have been, he still had no clue, and when he pulled up at her address, she didn't even say thank you. She just got out of the car and waltzed up the sidewalk to the front door.
In spite of his anger, JT liked watching her swaying ass as she took each step. Each movement went straight to his dick as it strained behind the zipper of his jeans. His wolf was perfectly content around her, but why that was, he couldn't figure out. JT the man was anything but content. If anything, he was angrier and wanted her to be far away from him yet with him at the same time. The only explanation he had was that he needed to get laid. He watched her take a hidden key from the flowerpot by the front door and walk inside, flipping him the bird on her way. He growled again and sped away from the annoying female.
Even now, days later, she was on his mind. It had taken him hours to put his house back in order now that she was gone. Re-organizing his drawers, his kitchen, it seemed he found something daily that she had changed while she there. He knew what he wanted to do to the pain-in-the-ass female. Thoughts of pinning her under him while he pounded his cock between her thighs kept him up at night; those along with Ryden and Carlee's constant fucking at the other end of the house kept his dick constantly hard and his mood foul.
When the morning came for Ryden's leave to end, JT could feel the tension in the house. He knew Ryden was struggling to figure out how to go back to the field and keep Carlee safe. Keeping her here for now wasn't out of the question, and while JT preferred the peace and quiet of his home, he would do anything to help Ryden keep his mate safe from harm.
The three of them sat around the kitchen table eating a huge meal of eggs, bacon, sausage, and waffles along with fruit JT had picked up for Carlee, the resident vegetarian.
"Ryden, you know I don't mind Carlee staying here for a while.” Ryden looked up as he shoveled a mouth full of eggs in his mouth and took a bite off a slice of bacon. He chewed as he thought and JT could tell he was waging a war with himself. Leaving his mate alone with another male, and a wolf no less, wasn't sitting well with him, even if that male was his best friend.
"She'll be safe here; you know that. The Army isn't going to let you off indefinitely and there is no way she can be left alone. They're still hunting for us, no doubt in my mind. I've kept the location of my house a secret for a reason. I prefer to be to myself. I pick up my mail in town. I use a generator instead of hooking up to the power company. No phones, burner cell only, and we're as safe as we can possibly be out here in the middle of nowhere."
"I know, JT, I just don't want to leave her with anyone.” He reached across the table and took Carlee's hand, caressing the back of it with his thumb. JT looked away, uncomfortable with this show of affection as a flood of memories came to mind of doing that very thing with her once. He cleared his throat and took another bite of food, swallowing past the lump that had formed there.
"Ryden, I'll be fine. You need to focus on your job. JT and I will get along great, won't we, JT?” She looked over at JT, eyes wide, and a forced smile on her face. All he could do was nod. “See? JT agrees. That settles it. Maybe I can convince him to become a vegetarian.” JT smirked at her over his coffee mug and took another sip. He had to hand it to her; she was putting on a good show of being strong. Ryden obviously hadn’t told her yet about all the traits of the wolf and how emotions became almost palpable. He knew that she didn’t want Ryden to leave, but was doing what she felt was best. She would make Ryden a fine mate.
Before Ryden could respond, his cell phone rang, and when he looked at the flashing screen, his face shifted from concern to all business. ”Hey, Z, what's up?"
JT could hear the conversation on the other end as Zander Gallant reported in to her Alpha. It obviously wasn’t good news. Ryden listened, his teeth clenched. JT put his fork down, waiting until the call was finished before he said a word. Carlee looked between the two men, sensing something was wrong. Her large, green eyes filled with concern, and she gripped Ryden's hand like a lifeline.
"Yeah, got it. Alert the others and tell them to wait for my call.” Another pause, "Yeah, we're safe at JT's. No one knows about this place. We're secure.” He listened again, and then said with a growl, "Those are your orders, Lieutenant, just do it. Tell the guys to lay low, find somewhere to hide out and I'll be in touch.”
He ended the call and looked up. “Change of plans, looks like they're hunting all of us.” JT growled and shifted in his chair. “Chandler's dead. Zander found his body this morning. They'd mutilated it, taking organs and nearly draining him dry before they left it for the buzzards.”
Carlee spoke up. Her voice was nearly a squeak. “Wait, who's Chandler?"
Ryden took a deep breath and looked at his mate, eyes a swirling mass of anger and grief. “He's one of us, a wolf, and was second in command in my unit. In the terms of wolf hierarchy, he was my Beta, as close as a brother could be without being blood bonded.”
Her eyes filled with tears and she spoke in a quiet voice. “I'm sorry, Ryden.” He only nodded then looked back up at JT from across the table.
"Where do we go from here? They know who we are, but who are 'they'? Is this outside the military? They’ve known about us for years. The pack has done more than any unit in any military branch. How do we know if they’re part of it?"
Ryden shook his head and got up from the table, leaving Carlee's hand lying empty as he paced to the window looking out over the mountainside. JT didn't expect an answer those questions; they had no answers, and figuring it out wasn't going to be easy. Long minutes passed while Carlee and JT sat there, waiting for him to speak.
Ryden's reached around the back of his neck and rubbed the tense muscles. Finally, he turned around and faced them both. “Time to do something I never thought I'd do. We're going AWOL. Self-preservation comes first, and until we know what we're up against, the only ones we can trust are ourselves.”
JT agreed and said as much. “Then do it, Ry. You don't need to ask for my help. If you want it, it’s yours. Just tell me what you need.”
"Funny you should, ask, JT. Seems I'm a man short. Suit up; you're going back into the action, Captain.”